Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If I didn't know better I'd think we were looking at movie stars....

On a lovely April evening all the fun was about to start...
Mel (our leading lady of the evening) had chosen our "Rockabilly" theme so we had flowers and bandannas and lots of hairpins and eyeliner to make the magic happen!
Two of the ladies showed up a little early and started picking out their looks from all the choices we had printed and online. We started with their transformations and soon the other three ladies arrived. Mel and Brenda were laughing a lot because Mel hadn't told Brenda what was in store for their evening! Mel had even managed to sneak some of Brenda's clothes out of the house for her to wear. It was such fun knowing that there were such surprises in store... Lisa was the last to arrive and by then everyone was snacking and had picked out their looks for the night!
Rachele quickly curled, twisted and pinned their hair while I applied some glamorous makeup and in a flash we were seeing the ladies transform before our eyes!
After the first two gals were completely done I quickly set up my lights and we were ready for pictures. They had to leave early for Sandy's big day at the Race for Robie Creek, so mom and daughter posed quickly, but perfectly and they were on their way home to an early bed. Next in front of the camera was Brenda, and after a little warming up, she was laughing and having a great time with the photo shot as well... Mel and Lisa both had a great time, and with a shoot, a quick outfit change, and a few more pictures, we were done!
Thanks Ladies!
Sarah and Rachele 

The Group!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Girls Simply Chic Party!

We are excited to announce the addition of a smaller age group to our Simply Chic Events! Ages 1-12 are now able to have a Little Girls Simply Chic Party!
We are now teaming up with Banks Tailloring ( to provide us with tutu's in lots of great colors and styles, plus accessories, like feather boas, flower headbands and clips and fairy wings etc.!

A little girls birthday party or princess's day out will never be the same! Just pick your date and book a Little Girls Simply Chic Party with us and let the fun begin!
Gather all the girls and head to the salon where Rachele will curl their hair and put it up into pricess updo's, or leave it down to be funky rockstars! Next we'll throw on a little sparkle onto the eyes (if you give us permission of course) and some lip gloss! They will have picked out their tutu and accessories (which will also be available for purchase throughout the party) and we will do a mini photo shoot with each girl, and with all of them as a group!

The pictures by Everhart Photography will be available for viewing within two weeks of the party and all prints or digital images can be purchased at that time.
Be sure to plan ahead and book your party since we will have to schedule an hour and a half at least for a group of 5 little princesses or more. The charge is $25 per girl. The birthday girl will be free with at least 4 more participants! If you have a group of 10 or more the charge is only $20 per girl! Half is due at the time of booking and half the day of the party.
We are going to have so much fun with you and your little darlings!
There is no where else that you can have as much fun, get all your little girls dolled up and looking perfect, have the use of handmade tutu's and accessories and get a photo shoot at the same time!
See you soon!
Sarah and Rachele

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our First Simply Chic Night!

Imagine an almost empty salon... There sits a stylist, trying to catch her breath after a long day, and an equally long week... In I walk, and out, and in, and out, and in (well, you get the idea) with camera, lights, jewelry, props, purses and more... We eagerly set up all the equipment, wine glasses and get the entire salon ready!
At 6pm sharp we see 5 ladies pile out of a car, and not just any ladies, these ladies are all ready to go! We welcome them in, probably a little bit more nervous than they are, but all just as excited as the next for what the night has in store! They carry with them dresses and hats, jewelry and books with look ideas and a cooler with snacks and champagne. They are all talking a mile a minute, laughing and grinning in anticipation of what the end result will be, since the stop at Color Me Green is only the beginning of the night for them!
We ask them to take a seat and we quickly run through the sequence of events... Pick your look, start with either hair or makeup, then switch, get your first outfit on with jewelry to match, and then "Lights, Camera, Action"...
Shannon opens a bottle of champagne and some orange juice and the girls all toast to a wonderful night1 They eat some snacks and Rachele and I pull them one at a time to the chairs and start to make all the magic happen! Rachele, curls and teases, twists and smooths all five heads of hair until they are a perfect dream of what each lady had in mind for her 40's 50's Hollywood Glamour and Rockabilly style. I add some mineral foundation, blush, eyeshadow and even eyelashes to the already lovely faces until when they look in the mirror they question whether they are gazing at a bombshell named Marilyn Monroe or the down home Idaho girls that they are inside!
Right on schedule, as surprising as that may be, we are done with the hair and makeup, and ready for the photo shoot with Everhart Photography. With a flick of a finger, the lights are on and one by one they stand in front of the backdrop wondering what in the world they are supposed to do. Some of them dive right in, while some need a little direction, any of which works for me. Sitting, standing, chairs, floor, hand on hips, looking serious and then laughing out loud... it is all part of the moment. Sometimes we would hear a little whistle from the other room where the other gals were trying on outfits and getting ready for their next turn, but mostly giggles and lots of "Oh, that looks great on you... Oh look at your hair, how did she do that?".
After two outfits for each gal, and some fun group shots in there as well, they were all finished. On to the next part of the night... dancing and lots more laughter!
Thanks ladies, it was fantastic, and because of you, we are more ready for the next group than you can ever know!
Sarah and Rachele

Our Leading Lady!
Shannon organized and hosted the night with her friends and
also brought some snacks and drinks!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some of the Theme options for your night with the girls...

Hollywood Chic Theme...

Simple Elegance Theme...

40's and 50's Hollywood Glam and Rockabilly Theme...

Cool and Casual Theme...

We also have an "Awesome 80's" theme and an "Almost Goth Girl" theme but don't have pictures yet...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leading Ladies Needed!!

Hey Ladies,
We are excited to offer you a special opportunity that will only come around once! A free night of pampering for you and 4 girlfriends...
Stylist Rachele Wilson with Color Me Green Salon and Sarah McGuire with Everhart Photography have teamed up to offer a unique girls night out experience! Here is a little snipet of what you and your friends will experience with a Simply Chic Night!
Need a night out with the girls, to be pampered by a stylist and see a whole new you? Would you like to have some "simply chic" photos taken of you and your friends by a professional photographer? Well, you have come to the right place! We pair a consult with a stylist and makeover for your hair and makeup... To add to it you will each enjoy a photo shoot with a professional photographer! Enjoy all this with the fun of your girlfriends, food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere!
Are you getting excited and wondering what could possibly make it more exciting? Well here are the details...
We would love for you to be one of our first 5 "Leading Ladies" and get your night of pampering for free ($50 value)! The first 5 ladies to pick a date and gather 4 friends to join them for a Simply Chic Night will get thier experience for free... after the first 5 are booked all "Leading Ladies" will pay only $25.  As the Leading Lady of the night you can bring some simple snacks and wine (or have each person bring a little something) and we will provide the snack plates, napkins and wine glasses.  Theme It Up... We have some great theme's that you could really go wild with... Rockabilly, Hollywood Chic, Simple Elegance, Cool and Casual and more... We have backdrops and jewelry to accessorize the night, so lets plan a night that you won't soon forget!
Please go check out our website and look at our available dates! When you find the date that you want, please follow the instructions below to be sure to get that slot! Contact us with any questions or if you would like to see if we will open up a special date on the calendar for your group!  As the Leading Lady you need to enter "hostess" as the promotional code when you sign up and it allows you to get in for FREE. Also, each guest of yours will pay $25 up front to reserve their spot at your party. The remaining balance of $25 is due at time of service.
Remember... This is a special promotion that we are only offering to a select few...
Sarah and Rachele

Monday, January 31, 2011

~Link to be part of our first event~

Please click on this link to find a new Simply Chic self!!

First Simply Chic Event!

Do you have a night out planned with your girlfriends, husband or boyfriend on February 12th? Well, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to feel and look your best for that night. We know that a lot of women are going to be going out to celebrate Valentines Day on the 12th because the day of LOVE happens to be on a Monday this year (bummer, right?), so we thought it would be great to get all dolled up, feel glamorous and hit the town afterwards!
Rachele Wilson of Color Me Green Salon and me, Sarah McGuire of Everhart Photography, are happy to be able to offer a unique experience to the women of Boise and the surrounding area! Our first event, which will be a little different than the ones that will follow (more details to come ;->), is being held on February 12th at 1pm! There will be snacks and wine, you will be pampered, made over and then Everhart Photography will take some Simply Chic glamorous photo's of you!

Here is the dilemma... We can only accommodate 5 ladies for this event, so be sure to click on the link below and pre-register!
Simply Chic Event Perks!
  • Food, wine, fun and giggles.
  • Consult with stylist to discover wants and needs for full makeover.
  • Hair style to suite your face shape and needs. 
  • Makeup lesson and application for an all new you.
  • We use organic hair and makeup products.
  • Photo shoot in a variety of poses with flattering lighting and direction from photographer.
  • Free 5x7 of your favorite shot.
  • A fun dress-up box with jewelry, accessories and drapes to choose from.
Cost: $80
  • 1/2 is required at the time of booking.
  • Remember that space is very limited.
  • There will be special perks offered to this first group of ladies, so SIGN UP NOW!!